Terms and Conditions

Dance School Rules & Etiquette

Examinations / Presentations / Class awards
Examinations/ presentations/ class awards are held every two years. Those hoping to take part must regularly attend class. The teacher’s decision is final regarding a student’s examination entry. Please understand that the students’ best interests are at heart. Antoinette is a qualified Royal Academy of Dance teacher and knows best. Being a member of the Royal Academy of Dance (London), she has to follow a strict code of conduct.

Please note that skipping of grades is not permitted in this school as each grade is a progression to the next. A grade can take 18 months – 2 years to complete.

Payment of the Term Fee MUST be paid before the start date of that term which is strictly enforced. Payment should be made by bank transfer only (please contact the school for details). The term fee is non refundable and a discount on term fees will not be given, for example if a student goes on holidays/birthday parties, etc. The list of fees can be obtained directly from Antoinette at 087 9955583 or by e-mailing: info@antoinettecasserlyschoolofdance.ie

Drop Off / Pick Up
Any student dropped off early cannot enter an earlier class and must be supervised by a parent or guardian until their own class starts. Students must be picked up promptly after their class. Students must remain inside the classroom until collected. Please note that the school is not responsible for students before and after class. Parents must be punctual at all times.

Class Viewing
Parents/guardians/siblings/friends etc. are not allowed in class during class time as it is a distraction to students. Parents, guardians, siblings, and friends may remain outside, but must stay quiet. Class time should not be used for questions or queries, Antoinette can be contacted by phone or email outside of class times.

Toilet Facilities
Toilet facilities must be used before classes commence in order to avoid disruption to class time. Bathroom/changing facilities should be used after class to dress children, etc. The classroom shouldn’t be used for this purpose as classes are ongoing and continue one after another throughout the day. 

The use of mobile phones and all other electronic devices, etc., are not permitted in the classroom.

Food and Drink
Chewing gum is not permitted in the classroom. No food or drink allowed. Students may bring water.

Dress Code / Uniforms
As an accredited Royal Academy of Dance School, the school’s uniform must be worn to class.  

Student Behaviour
Bullying within the class or rehearsals or extra classes, etc., and being disrespectful to the teacher or fellow students will not be tolerated. The school provides a service which does not include disciplining a child.

Tiny Tots / Pre Primary / Primary
Parents of tiny tot/pre-primary students are asked to please wait outside the classroom or in the immediate vicinity for the duration of their child’s class. Unfortunately, if you are unable or unwilling to do this it is best to avoid registering your child until you are in a position to do so. This is best for all concerned. Although every effort is made and children are encouraged to stay inside the class until collected, NO RESPONSIBILITY WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT COLLECTED ON TIME. Please note doors are opened wide after each class.